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Orchestra Conductor on Stage

Our Story

A Unique Performing Arts Agency

FlyingDog Artistic Management NZ has earned a distinguished reputation for our ability to grow some of the best talent in the industry. Since 2018, we’ve worked with a diverse group of talented individuals and organisations, connecting them with the best in the business. We pave the way to success for our aspiring stars, providing them with all the tools, resources, and personalized attention they need to make it to the top. Get in touch and learn how we can help you today.

Events and Projects

2019 and beyond

FlyingDog Artistic Management NZ has produced events and projects in New Zealand and abroad since 2018. Find out more about these events below, specifically the New Zealand International Young Artists Festival and China-New Zealand Arts Festival.

Artistic Management

Since 2018

Providing first-class artistic management is something we strive for at FlyingDog Artistic Management NZ. We work with artists and organisations to develop strategies that work with your vision and project goals. Learn more about what FlyingDog Artistic Management NZ can do for you.

Consulting & Branding Strategies


​Since 2018

At FlyingDog Artistic Management NZ, we prioritise our clients and have your best interest in mind. Through our professional music and business networks and experience, we provide clients with diverse consultation and branding strategies. Find out more below.

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