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New Zealand International Young Artists Festival

New Zealand International Young Artists Festival was successfully launched in 2019 and was produced by Flying Dog Artistic Management NZ. Our annual Festival gathers young musicians from New Zealand and overseas and provides them with an engaging cultural and musical experience. 

The New Zealand International Young Artists Festival brings together young musical artists from New Zealand and overseas by providing them with high-level resources, support, and experiences to enhance their musical development.

China-New Zealand Arts Festival

First China-New Zealand Arts Festival, October 2019

Second China-New Zealand Arts Festival, June 2021

During the first China-New Zealand Arts Festival in October 2019, the China National Symphony Orchestra (CNSO) visited New Zealand for the first time and performed with New Zealand musicians in Wellington and in Auckland.

In June 2021, the second China-New Zealand Arts Festival will have two parts. The first part is an online collaboration concert between China National Symphony Orchestra Chorus and Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand, where the Festival continue to facilitate the links between Chinese and New Zealand art networks. The second part is a live concert of Chinese and New Zealand piano works at New Zealand School of Music in Wellington.

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